​What is Gum Reshaping?

If your teeth appear small due to excessive gum tissue, sometimes called a ‘gummy smile’, then laser gum reshaping might be just the ticket for you. Using a laser, Dr. Lobrot can re-contour a low or uneven gum line to reveal more of your teeth and less of your gums.

How is this procedure performed?

During your examination, you and Dr. Lobrot will decide where your gumline should be. Measurements are made so that the teeth will all be the same height after the gum tissue is reduced. The laser power, accompanied with air/water spray removes the soft tissue exactly where planned with extreme precision. The laser tip only removes small amounts of tissue at a time. As it obliterates the tissue, the tooth is revealed unharmed. The laser cauterizes the tissue as it cuts, which leaves no bleeding. This type of finish allows healing in half the time of other methods of surgery. Very little if any discomfort is felt the next day from this procedure. Local anesthesia is offered though is often not necessary. The procedure is painless in most cases.

How long will this treatment last?

Normally the gum tissue will remain trimmed for 4-5 years or indefinitely. However, in some instances the gum tissue will grow back depending on location and thickness of the gum tissue.

Can the laser be used with porcelain veneers?

Yes. This application brings two worlds of cosmetic dentistry together at the same time. By reducing the gum line in conjunction with the placement of porcelain veneers, the smile line can be straightened to produce a beautiful and symmetrical smile. This technique is known as “Instant Orthodontics.”